Merri Bee Organic Farm

Thomas Rd
6275 Nannup


Nannup: Permaculture pastured pork, pecans plus

  • dried figs, dried apricots,

    Delicious sweet treat, organic dried fruit with nothing added, simply dried and vacuum packed to preserve their integrity from caterpillars etc.

  • organic everything

  • eggs

  • herbs and vegetables

  • nuts

  • pork

  • fresh and preserved fruit

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    We have been developing a permaculure here for 30 years and have more than 90 species of mature fruit and nut trees now. We sell seeds, plants and animals for your permaculture and food of all kinds.It is simply the best food you can get. Certified organic for 10 years, we now prefer to spend the money on organic grain for our animals.
    Image: Pig Paradise
    Image: Rhubarb
    Image: contented cows
    Image: duck and ducklings