Barrys Bay Cheese Co Ltd

RD2 Akaroa
New Zealand


Akaroa: Traditional handcrafted Cheese

  • Havarti Rich, smooth & creamy

  • Wine

  • Maasdam Memorably sweet & fruity

  • Wainui Special Aged

    Extra aged traditional cheddar

  • Aged Gouda

  • Aged Gouda w Caraway

  • Aged Gouda w Cumin

  • Peninsula Blue Creamy,sharp blue cheese

  • Edam Milky, sweet & mild Gouda Mild &

  • Akaroa Mellow

  • Port Cooper

  • Canterbury Red Smooth Double Gloucester

  • Aged Maasdam

    Sweet and Fruity with hints of pineapple. Bold flavour which grows stronger with age.

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